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Sometimes it is an off-work weekend but that does not mean you don’t have work to do. Sometimes you have half of your thesis to write and another project proposal paper to write as well and they’re both due at the beginning of the week and you try to balance sociological theories and research with momming and it’s literally 87° F out in OCTOBER and you need to just go get cat food because you ran out and you don’t want them to eat you in your sleep which turns into a trip to the mall to make some returns because if you’re headed that way might as well get it done but it’s the mall you worked your first job at and you have this weird dissociative out-of-body experience walking around and seeing how different it is now (like they LITERALLY MOVED AN ENTIRE STAIRCASE) and most of the stores you knew are gone and then you are taken into Hot Topic for the first time in likely over a decade and that becomes a whole other level of strange as you can remember being the angsty teen buying hair dye and gauged earrings and studded everything there but now you are the parent and you are 1000% overstimulated by how absolutely packed in that store is and you understand now why your mom usually stood outside and it had very little to do with the content of the store but the literal processing overload and claustrophobia.

And you left the house thinking you were just going to get cat food. So you didn’t try.

And you proceed to not leave your house again for 36 hours, even after you get an email alerting you that your literature review for your thesis has been pushed back a week, subsequently pushing back another project you have due for that class another week.

And you breathe and take a nap. And do not take pictures of the multiple-days worn PJs because SOMETHING has to remain sacred, here. Even if the human whose shirt you stole and now wear around the house as those PJs calls you out for seeing you wear it in your Instagram Stories.


Black “Pumpkin Spice” sleeveless burnout t-shirt: Target
Black maxi skirt (in tall!) & lavender lace bralette: Old Navy
Flip flops: Teva