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So this is actually a continuation of yesterday, because after working during the day, I was able to enjoy the perks of my workplace and attend a performance on a quasi-impromptu date night. But I decided this getup needed it’s own post. So here we are.

It was a bit of a quick change to get out the door on time for our dinner reservations before the performance began, which is not my favorite way to shift into fun activities, but that’s part of what I love about where my style has headed recently — while nowhere near ideal or perfect, building a wardrobe of basic pieces in styles I love (whether they are “timeless” or “trendy” or not) makes it easier for me to put outfits together quickly. Then I feel confident and mostly put together and some days that’s all I can ask for.

Yes I do consider a mirrored metallic silver faux leather mini skirt a basic wardrobe staple. It is fabulous even if it does sometimes come unzipped in the back when I sit down. I have a couple of items like that which I need to sew some hook-and-eye closures on to help curb those occurrences. Because yes, I actually do know how to sew and would not be surprised if this venture has me making some clothes by the end of it. The more succinct my style becomes, the more I get frustrated by not being able to find specific pieces and I’m just about to give up and make all the things in the free time I don’t have.

Anyway. This is both the most unfiltered me and some of the most overtly sexy I’ve felt in a while so yay all of that, the end.

Black faux leather moto jacket: Express
Black velvet swing top: Old Navy
Silver faux leather mini skirt: H&M
White druzy double necklace: Nordstrom Rack
Octagonal silver hoop earrings: Target
Black stiletto zippered booties: Jean-Michel Cazabat