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Tuesdays are my long days this semester. It’s the only day a week I have two classes (as well as the accompanying homework), plus mom duties, and often appointments that require weekday availability. My Tuesdays often start running as soon as my feet hit the floor at 6 AM and it doesn’t stop until midnight, if I’m lucky.

Today was unseasonably warm, but my classrooms are basically deep freezers, so my outfit needed to be versatile and functional for a day on the go playing the roles of both grad student and single mom, while also dealing with my inability to handle this heat a moment longer. It’s still early enough in the semester that I’m still giving some effort to what I look like when I leave the house, but I imagine that won’t hold to be true for terribly longer — it’s going to come down to homework/studying/thesis writing versus that cat eye … and the makeup will lose every time.

Please ignore how painfully obviously awkward I am. It’s taken me nearly this entire half a month I’ve been building these posts for me to relax a little in front of my own camera. Between set-up configurations, timing, and lack of external direction, I just generally don’t know WTF I’m doing with my face or my body. And these stay awkward for like a whole other week so brace yourselves.

Cropped twill utility jacket & racerback grey print tank: Target
Black denim long cutoff shorts: H&M
Moonstone earrings: TJ Maxx
Amethyst necklace: from my childhood
Jacket pins: gifted
Sunglasses: Kate Spade
Slip-on Converse Chuck Taylors: Nordstrom Rack