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One of the things I know I need to get braver about is taking these selfies. Today’s were shot inside not because there was anything wrong with outside … except my neighbors were mowing their front lawn and there was a gaggle of children bopping about the yards. And because I live in the suburbs, if I’m outside for more than twelve nanoseconds inevitably someone comes over to talk to me and I am not a fan of small talk or polite chitchat. Give me what churns deep down in your soul or get out of my face, ha. So I set up inside and ended up kind of blasting out these photos because the light was weird. Maybe in the span of a year I’ll get better about alternate locations. Or maybe not.

I also want to address that these photos were harder than those up until this point to take because … well, my lower stomach. It is one of my least favorite body parts (it was before I had children, it’s just more pronounced now) and this outfit kind of laid it and all it’s imperfection right out there. Now, do I do really anything to address it? Nope — I’ve not been able to consistently exercise since last February for medical reasons and only recently was cleared for light activities (but a shoulder injury had other things to say about that — aging is so fun) and even at my fittest and/or thinnest, I’ve had a belly pooch. I know it’s not much comparatively, but I still have some slightly dysmorphic ideals around the fact that the majority of the rest of my body just naturally does or is the things, but this part refuses to let me be great. And for some reason it’s easier for me to walk around and ignore it mostly in actual life, but once I catch a glimpse in a photo or reflection I’m like, oh damn, you are maybe not pulling this off like you think you are.

Meanwhile I have to deal with that these fabulous boots once fit around my thighs and now are too big to stay up but it’s actually quite hard to find thigh-high boots built for actual long-legged people that aren’t a million dollars so fuck it, I’m going with the slouchy pirate-esque look and someone can fight me on it.

Bodies are complicated and confusing and amazing but also annoying.

Grey t-shirt dress: Old Navy
Black wide-knit cocoon sweater: Express
White druzy double necklace: Nordstrom Rack
Octagonal silver hoop earrings: Target
Velvet thigh-high flat boots: ASOS