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The wind was flirting with my skirt this entire shoot which made me want to turn circles and here we are, because I’m a giant child somewhere deep dark down inside.

As an aside, in class today I briefly discussed with my professor how especially this time of year, but kind of all the time, how small children in the wild will gasp upon seeing me and remark (usually to their adjacent adult) that I’m a witch. And what I’ve started to do is smile and introduce myself to the child like any normal human and tell them I am actually named for one and, depending on the age of the kid and the tone of voice used to address my appearance, I tell them they’re not wrong. If they’re super little, I tell them I’m a mommy too.

All of that was to say one of my coworkers called this my Wicked outfit today and … they’re not wrong. This is my favorite time of year and as I’ve gotten older and not been so concerned about other people’s opinions of me, I know I embrace this witch aesthetic more often than I don’t. And today I was enjoying the weather and this outfit (even if I did have to pin the skirt to make it fit as I keep forgetting it’s two sizes too big) and was generally feeling myself a bit today, even if I’m completely frazzled over what’s equating to midterms except it’s more like half of my thesis and two entire other research projects/papers and a presentation and one assignment I just kind of skipped because … shit happens.

And I need to make about four to six appointments and/or meetings and somehow also do the mom duty thing that’s also amping up as the school year rolls merrily on along and work is in full swing of performance seasons and THIS DEGREE … oy.

But at least I’m feeling cute doing it. Even if one of the kids down the street is calling me a witch as if that’s a bad thing.

Black choker collar long sleeve top: Express
Chiffon floral print skater skirt: Old Navy
Thigh-high-look tights: Spanx
Cropped utility jacket: Target
Pins: gifted
Moon druzy necklace: TJ Maxx
Teardrop clear quartz earrings: Nordstrom Rack
Suede wedge booties: Jessica Simpson
Wool hat: H&M
Sunglasses: Kate Spade