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Sometimes your Tuesday daytime class gets cancelled and then you suddenly have the majority of the day off (to catch up on other class work) but you still have your evening class and that’s full of people in your cohort so you give a flying poop about what you look like because they’ve all seen you before so you don’t bother with makeup or structured items of clothing and then an unexpected visitation snafu illustrates for you what an awesome village you have in that classroom.

But I did have these new workout leggings to give a whirl and I could not have been more excited to discover that they have real, reasonable, functional pockets. My only complaint is that they’re kind of diagonal, so my phone doesn’t completely fit inside, but I’ll live. It’s more important that they’re Talls and therefore actually full length on me. And faux leather. Because reasons.

This is likely the most bad ass I’ve felt in workout clothes while I wasn’t actually doing some sort of sport/dance/circus activity. So there’s that.

“Save the Mermaids” Ariel sleeveless T: Target
High-waist faux leather paneled athleisure leggings: Old Navy (in tall! WITH POCKETS!)
Black full-zip hoodie: Lululemon (via Speakeasy Yoga)
Slip-on Chuck Taylors: Nordstrom Rack