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A few years ago, I was at the 30th birthday party of a friend’s husband, as I myself sat on the cusp of entering my third decade. The wife of a party guest and I began talking, she in her mid-40s, and she imparted upon me something I’ve carried with me and continually referenced since that day.

She told me that no matter what age you reach, you always still feel 18 inside, and you just get more confused and frustrated as to why your body won’t agree to that.

Her point was that it’s our bodies that make us old, not our minds. And that it’s all relative to your mindset, how you approach age and how old you let yourself feel.

So basically when I do not want to Monday but have no choice but to Monday, I apparently channel that inner teenage mindset with a heavy dose of my former identity as a stay-at-home-mom? I fully embraced Causal Hipster Monday and only mildly panicked at work when I discovered I would be public facing as opposed to in the office as I’d assumed. My body is tired AF and my brain isn’t terribly far behind it, so my look was all about comfort and hiding my four-day-gross hair because I didn’t have time to wash it before work.

I was wearing a new pair of jeans, though. One day I’ll go into the drama that is pants of an appropriate length for me, but for now I’ll leave it at that Old Navy has jeans that have consistently fit me for nearly a decade no matter what size I’ve been and they are always long enough and they are generally incredibly affordable plus they are always having sales. This may have been the first time since I was in middle school that I replaced a pair of jeans because I had legitimately worn them out, not because styles changed or my weight did. And there is little joy close to that of putting on a brand new pair of jeans and having them fit exactly right, right out of the gate. It’s right up there with using a new tube of mascara for the first time.

Striped dolman t-shirt, grey cotton tank, black boyfriend tunic cardigan, & rinse skinny jeans: Old Navy
Coated-striped cotton knit beanie: Target
Moon druzy necklace: TJ Maxx
Quartz crystal earrings: Pluma Jewlery
Slip on Chucks: Nordstrom Rack