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Sometimes in my graduate program, I have to take seminar classes on the weekend to get the content requirements for my field and/or my certificates. And sometimes, despite knowing I need to get up at something akin to the asscrack of dawn on a Saturday, I do things like attempt to have a social life and end up with three hours of sleep.

And I am not a morning person in the least to begin with.

So to make up for being sick on Thursday, here’s outfit number one of my Saturday on a day I had both eight hours of class and an evening performance shift, complete with no makeup and sunglasses hiding the bags under my eyes, with bonus solar flare for fun.

Black cotton v-neck t-shirt & black deconstructed skinny jeans: Old Navy
Black slip-on Converse Chuck Taylors: Nordstrom Rack
Amethyst crystal necklace: my childhood
Dot earrings: BRIM
Black cat-eye sunglasses: Kate Spade